Our History

Hotel Linen Services’ management team brings together experience and expertise from the hotel, hospitality, and laundry industries.

Director Tom Moulton has been involved in the hotel and hospitality industry since 2010, owning and operating a number of accommodation businesses in both Sale and Melbourne. Tom brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the nuance of hotel operations, and the integration between the linen supplier, hotel operator, and housekeeping.

Director Eric Simms has been involved in the laundry industry for over 40 years, and is currently the Managing Director of the boutique ‘Snowflake Laundry & Linen Services’, which was opened by his late father in 1947. Being the longest standing owner-operator in Melbourne’s laundry industry, Eric has always attributed his success to his focus on service above all else, and that clean linen should be a given, not a selling point.

Managing Director David Simms was operations manager at Snowflake Laundry & Linen Services from 2013-2018 following a short career in the energy-engineering and sustainability field. Being a 3rd generation laundry operator, David spent most of his life in or around laundries. Working closely with Tom and Eric, David designed and currently manages the state-of-the-art HLS plant, which was officially opened in July 2018.

Our Mission: To provide the best alternative

HLS identified a need in Melbourne’s hotel and accommodation market for a better alternative when it came to linen providers. Hotel owners and operators were tired of stained, grey sheets, orders being delivered late and sometimes incomplete, and no one to talk to when help was required.

HLS was established to address these issues in the laundry and linen services market.

We stand by the following:

  • Service above all else.
  •  Quality is a given, not a selling point.
  • Integrated solutions create operational savings.


Linen Services at Great Value!

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